Handbook of global user research


What may have worked in Nigeria may not be accepted in Russia, may be done differently in Brazil, may partly work in China, and may completely fail in Kuwait. And what often goes less noticed, but equally vexing, are technical, logistical and planning issues such as hiring qualified translators, payment procedures, travel issues, setting up facilities and finding test participants.

The Handbook of Global User Research is the first book to focus on global user research. The book collects insight from UX professionals from over twenty countries and, following a typical project timeline, presents practical insights into the preparation, fieldwork, analysis and reporting, and overall project management for global user research projects. Any user experience professional who works on global projects — including those new to the field, UX veterans who need information on this expanding aspect of user research, and inquisitive students — will need this book to do their job effectively.


  • Presents a definitive collection of hard won lessons from user experience research professionals around the world
  • Includes real-world examples of challenges involved with global user experience research and provides approaches to these issues
  • Contains problems, solutions, anecdotes, case studies, and outcomes from actual practice that illustrate actionable tactics for the practitioner

About the Editor

Robert M. Schumacher is Managing Director at User Centric, Inc., a leading global user research firm, and CEO of User Experience Ltd., the first foreign-owned user research firm in Beijing, China.. He was one of the driving forces behind the formation of the User Experience Alliance. He speaks frequently on user experience and user research at national and international conferences, holds several patents, and has written dozens of professional and academic papers. In 20 years of professional experience, Bob has held technical and management positions in the telecommunications industry in human factors, new product development, and project management.

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Schumacher, Robert M. (Ed)(2009). Handbook of Global User Research. Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 978-0-12-374852-2.