The analysis phase defines not only users of your systems and needs, but also their tasks and context of use.
This phase may also include an audit of your current interfaces, as well as competing solutions.

user profiles Analysis

User profiles are derived from user needs and mental models of the product or service design. The analysis of user profiles to define different user groups that share the same characteristics, needs or uses. This segmentation will be useful both for the design of the system for the marketing strategy.

Analyse of needs

The needs analysis does not deal exclusively functional needs, but also includes an analysis of non-functional requirements (pleasure, security, etc.), desires and expectations.

ergonomic audit

Ergonomic audit is an expert evaluation of an existing system or under development, product or service requiring a redesign. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a product from standardized usability criteria defined by the Human-Computer Interaction community (HMI). According to the audit objectives, we can include more marketing criteria.

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