Florian Egger

“Mapping the User Experience of Smart Blood Pressure Monitors: International Findings from the User Experience Alliance (UXa)”


An increasing number of people are turning to their smartphone, mobile apps and wearable gadgets to track aspects of their health, such as heart rate, exercise patterns, weight, diet or blood pressure. Self-knowledge through numbers, also known as the Quantified Self, is slowly revolutionizing healthcare as patients get more involved in the management of their health and behavioural change. In addition, the big data gathered by mobile apps can also be used by evidence-based healthcare professionals to make better decisions.

Health-tracking wristbands, such as FitBit, Jawbone or FuelBand have become instant successes and are inspiring more and more health entrepreneurs. Yet, earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the first time launched an investigation into an unregulated medical application. Since users’ health may be at risk with certain apps, the FDA calls on stricter rules to govern these new devices.

For this international study, we have chosen to focus on smart blood pressure monitors which typically combine a hardware device and a mobile app. We will present the entire customer journey, from purchasing a fitting device to the out-of-box experience and actual usage over a period of two weeks.

Usability issues with both the hardware device and the app will be presented, along with problems related to the perceived reliability of the measurements and the actual impact on users’ behaviour. In addition to usability issues, we will also report on cultural differences and localisation issues.


Florian is the Principal of Telono SA, a Geneva-based user experience (UX) research and design agency he founded in 2005. He manages a team of user researchers and interaction designers who strive to make interactions with products and services more useful, more usable and more enjoyable.

Florian has extensive international experience in sectors ranging from healthcare to finance or international organisations, where he has set up systematic user-centred design processes to achieve business success.

He is still active in international user experience projects through the User Experience Alliance (UXa), an international network of leading user experience agencies. The UXa organises the UX Masterclass conferences that take place in a different country twice a year.

Florian holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) From the Eindhoven University of Technology, an MSc in HCI from University College London and a BSc in Psychology & Philosophy from the City University, London.