What is UX-PM Certification

The certification positions project managers to

  • Advocate a user-centered approach to product and service design
  • Integrate UX tools and methods to improve product quality and process efficiency

For organizations and individuals

  • Organizations boost project success rates, build capacity in their project management force and acquire methods to differentiate products
  • Project managers gain the know-how to initiate, execute and lead UX projects and programs

Intended for project manager

Certified & aggregated

International recognition

The programme

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UX-PM Level 1 - UX Adoption

Level 1 of the UX-PM certification introduces the concepts and methods of User experience (UX) and the approach for its integration into a service optimization or design project.

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UX-PM Level 2 - Executing UX

Level 2 of the UX-PM certification aims to deepen knowledge of UX methods and tools and their everyday use in multi-media / channel service design project management.

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UX-PM Level 3 - UX Leadership

Level 3 of the UX-PM certification aims to train project management integrating the user-centric methodology into the service life cycle and to optimize UX investment within the organization.

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Cross-firm training sessions

UX-PM 1: March 18-19 UX-PM 2: May 13-14 UX-PM 3: June 10-11

In-company training sessions

We can plan the training sessions for companies and organizations, in their office, at their most convenient time.

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