The program on 3 levels of 1 day each

1. The fundamentals

This training is an introduction to prototyping on Axure. At the end of the day, participants will know how to design their first prototype independently!

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2. Deepening knowledge

We approach in a more advanced way how to create rich interactions. Always based on practical exercises, participants explore the true potential of Axure!

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3. Mobile & Responsive design

In this course, we see prototyping methods for mobile and responsive web design.

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Questions you may be asking yourself

Who is it for?

Project managers, product managers, account managers, any professional working in digital or digital marketing, and who must supervise or manage a value-added service design project by integrating the challenges of user experience.

What will I learn ?

You will learn to be autonomous on Axure by designing your own prototype from low fidelity wireframing to the use of rich interactions and more advanced features such as dynamic panels, variables or responsive web design.

What are the benefits?

  • A complete exploration of the tool
  • Acquiring good practices that save you time and design faster
  • Ability to quickly operational to respond to internal and external requests

How does it work?

  • 3 training levels over 3 days
  • A certified instructor with 20 years of experience who practices interaction design on a daily basis
  • A practice-based methodology
  • Axure certification issued by Telono and its authorized partner Ax-Stream


Intra-company training

We offer this certified training to companies and organisations

For groups, on any date, at your premises or ours

Since 2005, more than 350 projects successfully delivered.