UX-PM level 3: Leading UX

The level 3 of the UX-PM certification aim to train to manage project which integrate user-centered methodology in the life cycle of multi/cross-channel and to optimize the investment in UX of your organisation.

After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Manage big projects integrating UX activities and measure its real impact on your organisation and the user experience
  • Determine the UX strategy for all the projects of the organisation
  • Understand the strategic aspect of UX, evaluate and recruit talents needed to the success of the project

Target audience

  • People who have the UX-PM2 certification
  • Design team director
  • Digital team manager

How the level 3 is organised.

Our pedagogical approach is the balanced rotation between theory, solving problem exercises and case studies. It focuses on communication and sharing experience between participants and the UX expert teacher.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the covered content:

  • Management and planning of a project that integrate user experience's methodology and tool
  • Identification of commercial opportunities and definition of business cases for an UX project
  • Communication, team synergy and collaborative design
  • Creation of the design brief according to users's issues, organisational context and product strategy
  • Developing a UX Team: Integrating UX Resources into Project Planning
  • Definition of objectives, UX measurement criteria and key performance indicators
  • Immersion and practical exercises: techniques to define UX business opportunities, UX resource table and evaluation grid. Definition of UX quality metrics, small group presentations and discussions


This 2 days training is validated through a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) test.

If the MCQ is passed successfully, the participants will get a UX-PM 3rd level certification delivered by the UXalliance network.


  • Cross-firm training take place in Geneva and Lausanne: our next session will be in Geneva on June 10 and 11, 2020 !
  • In-company training: we offer this training in your offices, on dates of your choice.

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