UX Strategy

Strategy starts with knowing where you want to take your product. Designing the product experience is what Telono does. Customer or user experience is the “entire lifecycle with a customer, from before they perceive the need to when they discard it.” AIGA .
Telono offers strategies to create the best possible experience at all your touch points with the customer.

Start with focus on research:

  • Research based design: We focus on the current product experience across the market.
  • Starting from the customers perspective, we look for innovative solutions for the your products success.

Take the competitive leap: Create products that your customers “connect” to!

  • User Experience Innovations
    • This offering focuses on big picture thinking and new directions for your company. Customer experience innovations are maximising all the touch-points around your products and services. Telono looks for all the relationships that your brand can take advantage of in engaging customers in new ways. In short, this is about creating new products and expanding product families and services to increase profits and maximise the brand.
    • Methods: Ethnographic studies, affinity diagrams, brainstorming, user design workshops, surveys, rapid prototyping.
  • User Experience Strategy
    • This work combines the user experience scope methods and research methods to put in place the foundation for product or service. In a user experience strategy, we look at the business goals, project requirements, technologies and define the user experience that should be achieved.
    • Telono looks at exploring other areas prior to an analysis phase, such as the validation of a current or competitor product and concept testing with focus groups. We also analyse the current interactions between you and your customers to see which touch points are weak or need to be created. Telono identifies what needs to be done to create the best customer experience possible.
    • Methods: Functional requirements, competitive analysis, focus groups, rapid/low fidelity prototyping, Business case and product roadmap.
  • User Experience Scope
    • Our user experience scope offering is best suited to projects where you know the products or services that need to be implemented or designed – where the project mandate is in place, yet more project details around the “Voice of the Customer ” must be defined. In a scope, we validate with the team the fundamentals of how the system or product must work to be successful.
    • We also benchmark your competition or parallel industry, if appropriate, to see how they approach the same opportunity or solved a similar problem.
    • Methods: High-level functional specification, target segmentation materials, competitor analysis, project proposal.

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