Specifications are needed to direct the development of the product or service in a systematic way.
We analyse your customers’ needs and conceptualise a solution that becomes the roadmap for development that includes screen flows, information architectures, screen/page structures and interaction standards.

User Requirements Specification

After analysing the users, their goals and tasks, this information is clearly documented along with customer segments and their associated needs. Personas can be constructed, documented in scenarios of interaction, and functionally is detailed by a use case if required.

  • Requirements are ranked by the business need, customer value, and technical complexity
  • They describe the sequences of interactions between the customer and the system to achieve a precise goal.

User Interface Specification

This document visualises the functionality so that developers can recreate both the look and the behavior of the product. All functions are described in detail and all screen/page relationships are documented along with messaging or user feedback

  • Design of both screens and pages
  • Placement of functions
  • Sequence of screen flows that the function should activate.
  • Often illustrated by prototypes, schematics or first versions models.

User Interface Style Guide

We create state-of-the-art style guides which not only include the graphical and branding elements, but also your page templates, CSS or style sheets and other elements needed for construction of your website.

  • Page templates
  • Clean and accessible CSS
  • Rules for interaction
  • Help and error messaging
  • Information architecture

These guidelines help speed up development and create a consistent and reliable product allowing for a pleasant experience for your customers.

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