Going beyond demographics, Telono’s analytical methods help detail the needs and desires of the customers or users you need to engage.
How people behave and use products in the context of work and play is essential to designing successful solutions and products. We use various research and analytical methods to gather information on customers.

User Profile Analysis

Focus group research, diary studies and persona development are just some of the methods that can be used to understand the interactions, content and functionality your users need. This analysis gives rich insight into your target segments and helps differentiate concerns and behavior, needs or goals. This work complements your marketing department’s segmentation and is used for product design and improvement.

Requirements Analysis

We usually use structured interviews but we may complement this with other methods, such as contextual Inquiry or task analysis. These techniques allow one to go beyond functional needs and understand the non-functional requirements, such as fun/immersion, security/trust, desires and expectations.

Heuristic Evaluation

A heuristic evaluation is an expert evaluation of an existing system or product needing redesign in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses from standardised criteria that the Human-Computer Interaction community has derived over the years. It is common practice to use 2 to 5 expert evaluators.

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