Technology is pervasive and your products should seamlessly fit into your customers life?
The ability of your customer to embrace the product or service requires investment in its ease of use or usability. Successful products design with the customer in mind usability can be designed into the product from its inception – that is what we call an “experience strategy”.

Usability Engineering

The ISO standard 9241-11 defines usability in the following words:

“The degree according to which a product can be used,by identified users, to achieve defined goals, with effectiveness,efficiency and satisfaction within a specific context”.

The following questions can be answered by a usability evaluation which addresses the issue of poor product usability:

  • Effectiveness
    • Can the users attain their goals or complete their tasks?
    • Can the users find the information that they are searching for?
    • Is the information presented in a clear and understandable manner?
  • Efficiency
    • Does the product provide a clear, direct path to complete transactions or goals?
    • Is the product or service easy to use for both beginners and experts?
  • Satisfaction
    • Is the use of this product enjoyable and not a cause of frustration or mistrust?
    • Is the product or service attractive in function and form for success in the marketplace?
    • Is the product or service perceived to be of superior value to win loyal customers?

Why is it Important?

Usability and user-centered design help you:

  • Decrease development costs
    A study was done inthe United States showing that for every dollar invested during designin user-centred design methods saved 100 dollars in development androllout.
  • Decrease maintenance and support costs
    An intuitive product or service is less likely to require support andhelp for the user through minimal or no training, less helpdocumentation and reduced cost for call centers.
  • Increase productivity
    It’s a simple calculation: If each employee loses eachday 3 minutes to complete a task which should only take 1 second, with 50 employees in the company who use this software, that would make 150 minutes of lost time each day – which would multiply out to about 50 hours per month and 600 hours per year.
  • Increase user and client satisfaction
    Customers and Employees will prefer working with your products and services because of their ease of use, which helps build brand loyalty.
  • Increase online sales
    Our expertise in user experience and e-commerce ensures transactionalsites are easy to use and conveyprofessionalism and trust. These attributes directly influence theconversion rate of visitors to customers.

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