UX-PM Certification

UX-PM ( User eXperience for Projects Managers ) is the first international certification UX proposed in Switzerland designed to project management and design services with and for the users.

The world's first certification UX designed for project management

UX certification designed for project management


The program of the training cycle certifying UX has been created by the partners UXalliance , a global network of experts and UX design services, composed of 26 companies in 15 countries.

It aims to train:

  • project managers and
  • all-party stakeholders

faced with the challenges of managing project to design multiple service points of contact with the end user.


The training sessions are divided harmoniously between theory, practical exercises and case studies .

Thus, the entire PM-UX certification allows you to:

  • be more efficient in managing your service design projects incorporating a user-centered approach into your existing development cycle,
  • improve your potential for innovation with a cross methodology intelligently integrating the different key components of your organization,
  • distinguish yourself from your competitors by offering products and services designed with and for your target users ,
  • decide when, how and how much to invest in the user experience and measure the impact of these investments on the project

The user-centered design process, the Lean UX , the principles of Design Thinking, methods and activities of the Service or Design Service Design , will have no secret for you.


The UX-PM program offers three levels of certification.

1. Adoption UX 2. Execution 3. UX UX Direction

Each level is independent and corresponds to different needs.
We build with you on or certification levels to achieve best matching your initial knowledge and goals.

UX-PM Level 1 - Adoption UX

  • Learn the key concepts of the user experience.
  • Promote user-centered approach in your organization.
  • Knowing simple methods to integrate UX design in your projects.

Duration: 2 days

Upcoming Training sessions: UX-PM Level 1 – Adoption UX

UX-PM Level 2 - Performing UX

  • Integrating methods and UX activities to improve the quality and efficiency at every stage of your product or service development cycle.
  • Think and implement the methodology of design service.

Duration: 2 days

Upcoming Training sessions: UX-PM Level 2 – Performing UX

UX-PM Level 3 - UX Direction

  • UX optimize your investment at each stage of the life cycle of a project, from business opportunities to study the establishment of a UX team
  • project planning, estimating, implementation and continuous measurement of UX metrics

Duration: 2 days

Upcoming Training sessions: UX-PM Level 3 – UX Direction

The certification

The certification at each level:

  • Validation of learning through multiple choice test
  • Official certificate number UX-PM issued by the network UXalliance
  • Badge “UX-PM certified “
  • To the group LinkedIn to exchange with the international community

You can access these training levels as an individual or as a pack format that allows you to receive discounts.

Information & Contact

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