User-Centred Design & Usability

We give training courses in usability and user-centred design. Our courses are interactive and provide real-world examples of design problems for students to solve.
We have standardized courses and we can provide customized training in several languages.

Standard Course Offering

Individual training modules last from half a day to a full day. We often consolidate modules into customised training packages for organisations. Courses can be adjusted and customised on demand.

User Centred Design Methods

  • Understand and apply data driven User-Centred Design methods to your projects. Learn how to create a customer-centric organisation through the analysis of all the touch points your product has with your customer.

User Research & Analysis

  • Learn which type of analysis techniques to apply in various situations, collect data and observe users, along with the production of specifications for your team to work from.

Persona & Use Cases

  • Develop your target user segments and avoid self-referential design by developing personas and working with them in the context of use cases.

Web Usability & Design Guidelines

  • This course focuses on the design of web applications, online processes and transactions. Guidelines to maximise online trust and credibility will also be presented.

Design Tools & Processes

  • We will teach you the tools and processes to create a usable product. The course covers prototyping and interaction design. Learn how to manage the iterative process of design.

Usability Testing

  • Practice with experts to set up a usability test, write test participant screeners and learn how to moderate a usability test without biasing the results. Receive training from the experts in international testing.

Heuristic Evaluation

  • Learn standard usabiliy principles, guidelines and heuristics. Practice how to use usability heuristics in an expert evaluation of an interface.

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