TechSmith Morae

Telono is an official retailer of TechSmith’s Morae software in Europe. We can offer you training on the modules of Morae which are recording, observing, and annotation whereby you can construct brilliant presentations of your research.
This can be modularised to meet your company’s training needs.


This training will teach you how to:

  • Record the user experience: Record user interaction with a website or application, including desk top activity, audio, video camera and a complete log of system events, all synchronized into a single file.
  • Observe and log important moments: Collaborativelywatch the user experience with your entire team, mark important momentswhen they happen, and easily track task start and end points.
  • Analyse and visualize results: Quickly and automatically analyse data, calculate usability metrics, and build graphs.
  • Share critical insights: Easily assemble graphs and important moments from the recording into a highlights video to share.

Please contact us to discuss your specific training needs for Morae.

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