International Research

Since Telono was founded in 2005, we have always been involved in international user research and usability testing projects.
Our in-house language skills allow us to test in the Swiss national languages and surrounding countries. For global projects, we work with our partners from the UXalliance, the user experience alliance.

International Research

Adapting user interfaces to a regional market does not simply mean translating from one language to another. Many more cultural subtleties must be taken into account to ensure that your system will be useful to and adopted by your target users.

Globalisation of User Interfaces

We can help you globalise your user interfaces in the design and development phase. Globalising a user interface addresses two related concepts: internationalisation and localisation. Internationalisation is preparing the software for international use, whereas localisation must be done once for each locale. Of course, these processes are complementary and we will help you make sure that your product works for each of your target markets.

Internationalisation (i18n)

Internationalisation is defined as the adaptation of products for potential use virtually everywhere. This process is best integrating into your product’s development process and it sets the stage for any localisation that will be done later.

Localisation (L10n)

Localisation is defined as the addition of special features for use in a specific locale.
The adaptation to a specific region or locale is done by taking into account the locale-specific elements listed below, in addition to translation work.


  • Formatting of numbers (decimal points, positioning of separators, character used as separator) for currencies, dates and time.
  • Spelling variants, e.g internationalisation vs. internationalization
  • Proper naming of national concepts, such as ZIP (US), Social Security (US), National Insurance (UK)
  • Formatting of telephone numbers, addresses and international postal codes


  • Understandability and cultural appropriateness of images and colours (aesthetics)
  • Symbols
  • Relevance of content
  • Social context
  • Weights and measures

How we can help you

Resarch within Switzerland

Thanks to our multilingual staff, we can run user research and usability tests all over Switzerland, in German, French and Italian.

We usually test in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano, though more locations can easily be arranged thanks to our mobile usability lab.

We typically conduct a Swiss-wide study in the different languages and produce a single report in the language of your choice.

Note that multilingual research applies both to analysis and specification for localisation work and to evaluation for testing work.

International Research

Telono is the Swiss partner of the UXalliance, the international network for user experience. Through the alliance’s network, we can act as a single point of contact for international user research and usability testing.

The alliance only works with trusted local companies who meet its quality guidelines, ensuring that your research project is in safe hands.

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