Telono represents Access for All in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and acts as a web accessibility certification body for companies who want the official “Website with Certified Accessibility” label. This label is awarded when the owners of the website have met the requirements for use by the disabled.

The Certification Procedure

There are six mandatory steps for this certification process:

1. Signing up

First your organization needs to sign up with either Access for All or Telono

2. Kick-off meeting

To start the process of certification and to take advantage of being certified, we hold a meeting to find out your needs and constraints. This meeting allows us to set a schedule and outline what will be done.

3. Accessibility Testing

The site is first tested on the basis of Access for All’s version of the W3C directives, by 3-4 web accessibility experts:

  • Sighted expert
  • Blind expert
  • Partially sighted expert
  • Expert with a physical handicap (optional).

4. Correction

As soon as the errors are eliminated, we will retest the website of the company seeking certification.

5. Validation

The validation will proceed exactly under the same conditions as the first test.
Once the level of conformity (A, AA or AAA) has been determined in this re-test:

  • The corresponding label can be published on the website
  • The site will be listed in Access for All’s accessible websites index.

6. Yearly Verification

In the event of fundamental changes to a company’s website, accessibility will have to be re-tested.In any case, the label is valid for one year, after which it is advisable to re-test the website.

The yearly verification follows exactly the same process as the previous tests.

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