We offer a complete set of User Experience (UX) and User-Centred Design (UCD) services, from contextual research and requirements gathering to design and prototyping. We do interaction design for websites, software and hardware.

User research and Service Design

Our designs are grounded in informed research and service design, often using techniques like diary studies, field observations and persona development.

Telono delivers UX expertise in all project phases and if needed helps implementing a systematic user-centred design process without impacting your project procedures.

  • User-Centred Design methods: Telono couples the appropriate UX activites with our clients’ business processes to ensure a valued user experience and smoothly executed project.
  • International research : We are part of the UXalliance, a global network of worldwide UX and service design experts. We offers a range of global research & design expertise to help our clients deliver top-rate services around the world.

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