Our aim: To share our expertise with you so that you can apply it to your daily work 

One of the challenges of digital transformation is that you need to quickly streamline and master new skills. In order for this to happen, a new training programme must be put into place internally. Telono, partners with UXalliance and Axstream, to offer training in the following skills areas

  • UX-PM: UX Certification for Project Managers  
  • Training in prototyping tool Axure RP 
  • Practical bespoke UX training for your organisation


  • Colleagues feel valued and stimulated
  • Work is improved through external resources (designers, developers, consultants)
  • Design and management of digital products is improved
  • More agility

When you should do it

  • When you create new departments with external skills
  • To prepare for a digital transformation initiative
  • To improve the quality of work and communication between colleagues

How we will work together.

Phase 1: Choice of training

 We offer 3 different training courses that are made for different needs:  

  • UX-PM: learn to be better performing in managing digital products by keeping the user vision in mind the whole way through the design process. 
  • AxurePrototyping: get training on the best performing, highest regarded prototyping tool on the market by UX designers.  
  • Training on ergonomic and UX methods: You’ll learn about user centred design methods and will be encouraged to put them into practice.  


Phase 2: Get in touch  

Interested in booking some training? Contact us or call us on +41 22 755 00 00


  • Trainings on demand at your office

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