Our aim: To help you innovate by defining the UX vision for your products and services

Within certain markets, when the market is saturated by competition, it’s vital that you put a differentiation strategy in place. This strategy must apply to your goods and services, as well as your entire organisation. To counter the risk from your competitors, we’ll help you identify new customer behaviours so that you can optimise the user experience of your products and services by placing innovation at the heart of your shared strategy.


  • Be perceived as unique within the market
  • Better return thanks to a coherent and unique strategy for your organisation
  • Inspire your teams

When should you do it

  • When the competitive pressure of your market continues to reduces your profit margins
  • When customers can’t differentiate your organisation from your competitors
  • When customer behaviours change
  • When you know that you need to explore new horizons but you don’t know where to start

How we will work together

Phase 1: Understanding the market

We’ll start by getting to know your industry. Our aim is to understand the dynamics of your market, the position of your organisation within the market and that of your competitors, so that we can put the right actions in place to create a strategic vision.

Phase 2: Understanding customers and finding them

After having understood the market, we’ll take an interest in the behaviour, frustrations and expectations of your target users. Our observations will help you come up with new design propositions.

Phase 3: Creating and defining a product strategy

Based on our observations (market and user data), we’ll be able to create a concept and a strategic vision which responds to the needs of your organisation and that of your users. This strategic vision will be unique based on the differentiating factors that make you stand out from your competitors.

Phase 4  (Optional) : Brainstorming / Co-creation

Once the strategy has been approved, we’ll start the creative stage of design. Collaborative workshops which involve people involved in the project and users, will enable us to design the first solution prototype (POC).

This stage is optional, because we know that projects and decision-making processes can vary from organisation to organisation.

Phase 5 (optional): Prototyping the solution

We’ll quickly create the first prototype of the product or service and test it out on target users. Several iterations will help us improve the prototype until a final version is approved.

This stage is optional, because we know that projects and decision-making processes can vary from organisation to organisation.

Phase 6: Support and guidance for implementing the strategy

We will guide and support you in following your product roadmap, so that you can guide operational teams through the production process.

We charge an hourly rate for this service, whenever you feel you need a hand.


  • Exploring different scenarios
  • Strategic vision with market research and user research
  • Business model (if needed)
  • Strategic and implementation roadmap for your organisation
  • Hosting co-creation workshops
  • Tried and tested prototype
  • Test report about prototype
  • Strategic support

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