Our aim: Help you find new revenue streams.


Internal innovation is a complex process to master, however it plays a key role in developing your business.
By giving you the opportunity to work with experts and the chance to make use of an innovation laboratory in the heart of Geneva, we’ll make the task easier for you!

Thanks to our comprehensive service, you’ll be able to put new, profitable products on the market and your customers will love them.


  • Open up new revenue streams
  • Re-establish healthy margins
  • Anticipate future trends and don’t get surprised by new competition
  • Move into an area of the market that has less competition or no competition
  • Improve your brand image with your customers and colleagues

When should you do it

  • When your profit margins are reduced, due to strong competition in your area of the market
  • When growth prospects in your market are reduced
  • When you need to find new revenue streams

How we will work together

Phase 1 : Exploring your needs and the needs of your customers

Our experience with customers has taught us that there are two different reasons for innovation:

  • When you have found a need, without knowing how to address it
  • When you have an idea, but don’t have the resources or capability to bring it to life

Our approach consists of discovering, testing and approving potential versions of your product or service, so that you can identify a profitable niche in the market and create a product vision to lead the design process.

During this stage of the research, we will work with your teams. They will have an active role in the ideas process, through design sprints and co-creation workshops.
Following an iterative process, we’ll test out different design concepts (POC) until we get the required level of satisfaction to be able to launch a product in the market (MVP). This method allows you to check a design before it is developed and launched in the market. If this is non-conclusive, investment would have been minimal and the remaining budget could be reassigned to other products with a better potential for success.

Phase 2: Creating a product vision

Once we’ve been able to identify the problems and put our critical hypotheses to the test, we’ll create a product vision which will serve as a guide for the design process.
The vision includes the creation of a business model, value proposition, product or service implementation roadmap. We’ll also ensure that it is compatible with the structure of your organisation to ensure its success. To avoid unreasonable costs and enable better use of investment, we will decide on an MVP – Minimum Valuable Product – which fixes the equilibrium between key functionality and customer commitment.

Phase 3: Prototyping

We will design the functional design of your product in the format of an interactive prototype. The aim is to apply both the learnings from the earlier stages, whilst making the design concepts that will be tested in the next stage.

Phase 4: User testing and versions of the service/product prototype stage

User testing is one of the key stages in our process. For an MVP, we generally have 2 test phases so that we can eliminate as many problems as possible between the two stages. We’ll invite internal teams (decision making and production) to take part in these sessions from our observation room. These sessions are recorded in audio and video.

Phase 5: Delivery and support

Finally, we’ll assist you in the implementation of your solution so that you can share the vision with your teams and ensure consistency across your organisation during the implementation stage.

Service options:


If your product needs to have a unique identity, we can work with one of our recognised partners to create an identity which relates to your solution.  

Business modeling:

To estimate and facilitate the project’s progress, we can create a financial and operational plan which will help you to know how much you need to make compared with what you are going to invest.

Managing the project during the development stage

Telono doesn’t complete any work on development internally, but if you feel that a single provider would work better for you, we can also manage the implementation technique. We have a network of skilled partners, who we have worked with throughout our 13 years of existence.


  • Research plan
  • User research report
  • Product vision with business model and optional financial modelling
  • Mock-ups and prototypes
  • Sessions recorded by video or audio
  • Test or research report
  • Annotation guide, style guide, visual and editorial brand guidelines
  • Internal support for the implementation stage

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