Our aimTo unite teams and build trust between them for better future collaboration.  


Digital products&services, often impact upon many different departments who work independently.  To improve this, we run workshops with clients, allowing them to visualise processes from the user’s point of view, so that they can identify how their work has an impact on the process and they will then agree to work together to improve consistency.



  • People working on the same service/product meet and get to know each other
  • Resolving problems together builds good team work 
  • Informal information exchange and get some background
  • Dynamic team spirit and solid feeling of hope for the future
  • Improved long-term communication and better definition of responsibilities
  • Proposed solutions that have a visible impact in the short and long term

When you should do it

  • When you have a product or service with complex user processes
  • When many departments work on different aspects of the same product or service
  • If your teams work remotely
  • When no departments are in a position of leadership and you need an external mediator to direct the decision-making process for the user experience

How we will work together.

Phase 1: Defining the support plan

We’ll work with you to establish the scope of the support, specific objectives for your organisation and the number of people to involve in your workshops. 

Phase 2: Immersion phase 

In order to be able to create the greatest, most immersive workshop experience, we’ll need to delve into the context of your organisation and your product or service, so that we know what we’re talking about and so that we’re up to date on what your teams have achieved in the past.

(Customer services data – User interviews – personas - analytics)

Phase 3: Customer Journey Map workshop

We will hold two workshops in which we’ll focus on the following:  

On the problems: 

The major problems encountered in user processes are listed and discussed in groups by each member of your teams, so that each person gets a detailed and overall vision on the user process. At the end of this exercise, a user experience curve will be used to summarise the points discussed and will work as a basis for work in the second workshop. (Variant: We can also carry out testing on target users before and bring the qualitive results to the discussion) 

On the solutions

Once the problems have been listed by your teams, we’ll use them as a starting point to find solutions together and see how to be able to resolve the most important things in a real and agile way.  Following this brainstorming stage, we will prioritise solutions so that you can concentrate on concrete actions that will have an impact in the short-term, activities where background work is necessary or teams will be aligned.   

Phase 4: Presenting the results and action plan to follow-up 

Following these activities, we’ll present a synopsis of the findings from the workshop as well as the action points to put in place so that you can share them internally and engage your teams for the next challenges.


  • Presentation and action plan with prioritised solutions to put into place in the coming months
  • Customer journey map and findings from the workshops

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