Our aim: To share a method with you that will allow you to have increased productivity, through holding better meetings.


Research shows that 75% of project teams have problems with communication. As a result, they are less effective and this has a major impact on the overall quality of final projects. Talent is not enough to guarantee a successful project. Team communication plays a key role and it supports the whole process.  

 For effective communication, you need to have a process in place that allows multidisciplinary teams to quickly communicate, without misunderstanding, in a caring atmosphere. We’ll help you structure meetings effectively, through the Team Alignment Map method.  


  • Projects that are more impactful and require less management
  • Teams work better together and collaborate more
  • Model which helps save time and inspire colleagues

When you should do it

  • When you have more meetings than time to work
  • When you work on complex projects which involve teams from different departments
  • When you work in different places 
  • When you notice that your project has slowed down due to repeated miscommunication between team members

How we will work together.

Phase 1: Structure and alignment definition 

We’ll do a situational analysis on the problems you encounter and will show you how the Team Alignment Map could help you from your next meeting.

Phase 2: Follow-up during your meetings

During a pre-defined period, we’ll be at the heart of your business and will take part in meetings. We’ll help you structure the conversation around the product and will teach you how to master the process. You’ll be fully independent very quickly! 


Optional: Periodic support

Following our help, you’ll be able to organise and structure productive conversations to align your team. However, you may run into a few obstacles and may need some reinforcement. We can offer you some quick support if this is the case.   

 Using our business knowledge, we will be on hand to help you implement the process with other teams.


  • Workshops and presence in your business
  • Supporting your needs

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