Our aimSupport you in the recruitment of UX talent 

In a knowledge-based society, talent is the backbone of your business.  Knowing how to attract, identify, convince and engage the best talent is something that we will help you save time on. Skills and experience are important, but how relational and adaptable your business is, is more important. 
We value these attributes in our processes because they allow for a quick integration, with better quality results.


  • Candidates that are a better fit, due to clearer wording and vocabulary in the job listing
  • More time for you
  • Better retention rate of employees

When you should do it

  • When you don’t have the knowledge and skills to do it internally
  • When you have little time to do it
  • When you have increased internal capacity and you need to speed up the process

How we will work together.

Phase 1: Defining your requirements

Subject to the needs of your organisation, we’ll help you identify the profiles that you are looking for. We’ll compose striking and professional job listings, using language and expressions that belong to the UX community.  

Phase 2: Publishing job listings and selecting candidates

We’re active in many different UX networks and can help you select the best candidates.

Phase 3: Support during interviews and offering a job

We’ll organise preliminary interviews to evaluate personal and professional qualities of the candidates. We’ll also be involved as ‘observers’ in interviews with management and HR to provide a second opinion.

Phase 4: Creating an employee guide (Optional)

It’s key to prepare a new colleague for their new working environment and for your business culture. We’ll create you an employee guide that you can give to your new recruits so that they are well informed of how your organisation works and can be quickly operational.

Phase 5: Supporting the internal structure of your organisation (Optional)

Following recruitment, you’ll certainly encounter other challenges, as much on the team management side as on internal collaboration with other departments in your organisation. We have experience in a variety of organisations (from the very simple to very complex), we’ll help you build a pleasant environment for your team, for the overall wellbeing of your business and its clients.  


  • Job listings written based on the sought profiles
  • Employee onboarding guide

UX to support the change.

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