Online lab

Remote usability testing allows us to test your website or applications efficiently, whatever the location of your users.

Remote testing

LeLab gives you the opportunity to conduct remote tests quickly, reliably while providing good value for money. This will allow you to better meet the needs, expectations and desires of your international customers and make you stand out from the competition.


Our expertise in user tests allows us to find the best way to target your users and to design the best suited study to achieve your objectives.

These tests can be moderated, meaning the moderator guides the user throughout the session. In this case, the objective will be to discover usability problems with users in their natural environment. The data collected will mostly be qualitative (behaviours, opinions, etc.).

Remote tests can also be unmoderated, meaning the participans complete a series of tasks, online, on their own. In this case, the objective will be to evaluate users’ performance on well-defined tasks and data analysis will be mostly quantitative.

To design and test a site’s information architecture, we also use too tools, such as online card sorting, click tests, tree testing, etc.

How we can help you

We can help you design your study according to your needs, as well as recruit participants. Once data collection is complete, we can either analyse the results for you or send you the raw data. Here are the main benefits of working with Telono:

  • Expertise,
  • Quality,
  • Support throughout your study.

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