Mobile lab

Unable to come to our lab? Let LeLab come to you! We can come and conduct a usability study in your work environment. The fact that your users stay in their familiar environment could be a real advantage for your study.

On-site usability testing

Our laptops are equipped with usability testing software allowing us to record the participants’ screen, face, keyboard inputs, mouse clicks, as well as audio. The software allows us to stream the session in real-time to another computer on the same internal network.

Conducting usability tests in your work environment allows us to evaluate different types of interfaces, be it software, web applications, your corporate Intranet, mobile solutions, paper forms, etc.

Added value

Thanks to our software, we can record and conduct a detailed analysis of user-system interactions.

This will allow you to:

  • Observe user or customer behavior in real-time
  • View full video footage or highlights with representative clips
  • Improve your interfaces and products based on empirical results
  • Fine-tune your product’s positioning and increase its desirability

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