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Our usability lab and focus group facility, located 5 minutes from Geneva’s railway station and 10 minutes from Geneva Airport, came into existence to support Telono’s main mission of systematic user-centred design.

Testing products and interfaces

The lab’s main objective is to allow a greater number of people to conduct observational studies on users and consumers to evaluate products and interfaces, such as:

  • Web sites, web applications and software,
  • Mobile websites and applications,
  • Tablets
  • Interactive TV and set-top boxes (STBs)
  • Video games,
  • Leaflets, instruction manuals, administratives forms
  • Medical devices, , media players, etc.

Why test your products or services?

To validate design concepts, to help you choose the best design options, to support an agile development process or to create an action plan in order to improve your products or services: The user-centred design approach consists of taking into account consumers’ needs, expectations and desires throughout design, whatever the product.

salle de test

Ideally, observations should take place in an environment familiar to the user.

Interaction contexts

LeLab lends itself to this kind of exercise, as it allows one to recreate specific interaction contexts between users and products:

  • Office, counter
  • Living room, dining room
  • Medical practice, etc.

LeLab offers:

  • A flexible environment to conduct your user or consumer studies
  • On-demand help on research methodologies, moderation, as well as data collection and analysis
  • The rental of the most adapted equipment for your studies
  • Participant recruitment services

salle d'observation

Methods and tools

LeLab will allow you to make use of a large choice of methods and tools, such as:

  • Usability tests
  • Focus groups
  • Eye-tracking studies
  • In-depth interviews
  • Video conferencing

Designing and testing digital services since 2005

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