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[Closed] Test prototypes of a future website

This recruitment is now closed, thanks to all the testers who participated !

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For a new client’s study, we’re looking for participants to test a website’s prototype and to get feedbacks about comprehension and usability of it.

The tests will be held on March 15th or 21st in our office located 5 minutes away from the Cornavin train station.

Each sessions will be individual and last 60 minutes.

To participate, please fill out our form below to determine if your profile matches our client criteria. The questionnaire is short, 1-2 minutes are enough to complete it.

Apply to this study

More information below :


Each session will last 60 minutes and will take place in our office during on March 15th or 21st (the tests will be done in our office which is 5 minutes away from the Cornavin train station). The details will be transmitted to the selected participants.


Each participant will receive CHF 60.- at the end of the session.


We reserve the right to choose the most relevant profiles, based on the criteria set by our client. Please note that only selected participants will be contacted.

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