[Closed] Test a new private-hire vehicle (PHV) transport service in Geneva!

This recruitment is now closed, thanks to all the testers who participated!

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New recruitment of participants for a paid study ... or rather a "sponsored" one in this case ?

We have been appointed by a private-hire vehicle transport service (PHV, "Uber" service type), currently established in several European countries, to recruit 200 people to test out their services before its official launch in Geneva!

The selected participants (on the basis of the criteria set by our client) will be granted free trips (within the CHF 25.-/30.- limit per trip) in the Canton of Geneva, in exchange for a constructive user-feedback regarding the service.

More specifically, CHF 30.- will be offered on your first trip, and CHF 25.- on up to 9 additional trips (for a maximum total of CHF 255.- credit). The testing phase is taking place within the Canton of Geneva, and will last for a limited-time only.

To participate, please fill out our form as soon as possible: the first 200 people corresponding to our criteria will be selected. The questionnaire only requires 1 to 2 minutes to complete.

If you are selected, we will quickly get back in touch with you, to inform you on the necessary steps to participate in the test (installation of the application and creation of your account).

Feel free to look at the "Q&A" section below should you have any additional question about this study!

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In summary:



The study will continue for a limited-time only, giving each participant the opportunity to benefit from the credits offered on up to 10 trips.


Each participant will receive a maximum of CHF 255.- of credit for journeys in the Canton of Geneva, only valid for the duration of the testing phase.

CHF 30.- will be offered for the first trip, and CHF 25.- will be offered for the next 9 trips, upon completion of customer-satisfaction for each trip.


We reserve the right to choose the most relevant profiles, based on the criteria  set by our client. Please note that only selected participants will be contacted.


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  • What is a PHV service?

It is a transport service with driver (Private-Hire Vehicle), similar to the taxi (like "Uber" for example), which allows you to reserve and order a trip (via a mobile application on your smartphone) to move easily and quick. In general, the price of the trip is known in advance and payment is made by credit card through the mobile application.


  • How to participate in this test and benefit from the credits offered to make trips?

It's very simple, just fill out our form (it only takes 1-2 minutes) to participate in the first screening. If you are selected, you will receive an email with the necessary steps to follow (download the application, create an account). You will then be able to take advantage of the credits offered during the testing phase to make one or more trips.


  • Who is sponsoring this test and for what purpose?

Companies often need to test their new products / services before investing heavily in their launches, especially in new markets. Telono regularly helps its clients to minimize the risks (financial, communication, etc.) that this entails by organizing different paid or sponsored studies with participants from different target demographics.

The client for whom we are organizing this study is a company that has already launched its PHV transport service in other European countries in recent years, and is preparing to implement themselves on the Swiss market (in the greater Geneva area particularly). The goal is to verify that everything works as intended, and potentially optimize aspects of the service in order to provide the best, most tailor-fit user experience!


  • Can I invite friends and family members to participate in the test?

Of course! We are looking for 200 participants, and there is no limit to the amount of initial entries. Feel free to invite them now to fill in the questionnaire by sharing this link: http://bit.ly/service-vtc-geneven  or by using the "share" buttons:


  • How many trips should I take, if I participate in the test?

At least one trip. At the end of this first trip (for which you will be entitled to a credit of CHF 30), you will receive a short questionnaire by email which you will have to answer to share your experience, give your opinion, voice your concerns, etc. By completing this questionnaire, you will be entitled to a new credit of CHF 25 to make another trip in the canton of Geneva! At the end of each one of the additional trips, you will receive a new questionnaire and another CHF 25 credit. This process can be repeated up 8 additional times (total of 9 trips, with 9 completed survey).


  • Where can I download the mobile app for this new PHV service to participate in the test?

The mobile app for the Swiss market is still its beta form, and therefore unavailable at moment on Google Play or the App Store. The selected participants will receive a hyperlink to access the application, as well as the steps to follow to install it, create an account and get set for your trips.


  • How to obtain the credit offered for each trip during the testing phase?

The selected participants, who will have installed the mobile application on their smartphone and created an account, will receive codes to credit their account via email. The first code (allowing a credit of CHF 30.- to be used for the first trip) will be sent right after you have created your account. The other codes allowing to benefit from CHF 25.- will be sent to each participant upon completion of a short customer-satisfaction questionnaire, following each trip made with the PHV service (within the limit of 9 trips).


  • Are there any limitation regarding distance and location?

The testing phase will mainly take place in the canton of Geneva. More precisely:

  • The application will not allow (during the testing phase) to start a trip from outside the canton of Geneva.
  • You will be able to make trips from the canton of Geneva to an external destination (such as the canton of Vaud or neighboring France for example). Any additional cost to the trip beyond the available credit will be at the participant's charge).


  • How were the amounts of the credits offered for each trip defined (CHF 30.- and 25.-)?

They have been chosen considering that the average price of a trip in Geneva with a PHV service is CHF 25.- Thus, depending on the distance of the trip you will choose to travel, it is very likely that the credit offered covers the entirety of the trip's cost, at no additional cost.


  • How can I know in advance if the price of my trip is lower or higher than the credit offered?

When you order a trip, you will indicate on the mobile application the starting point, and the destination. Following this, you will see the total cost of the trip: the price displayed will be final (not an estimate, as is the case with other PHV services) and so you will know even before the trip if the credit offered will be sufficient or not to cover the total cost of the trip.


  • What will happen if the price of my trip is lower than the credit offered?

The balance will automatically be credited to your account and you can use it for other trips during the test phase (if you wish).


  • What will happen if the price of my trip is higher than the credit offered?

The difference will then be charged to your credit card. For example: with the CHF 30.- credit offered, if the journey you want to make costs CHF 32.-, it will actually only cost you CHF 2.-.


  • Were drivers also recruited for this test?

Of course, a large-scale driver recruitment campaign was conducted by our client to ensure that a significant number of drivers will be available to the 200 participants selected for the testing phase!


  • Do you have other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact Toni Jorge (jorge@telono.com / +41 22 755 0000) should you have questions or need any additional information!

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