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An initiative born in times of crisis

In order to participate in the united spirit that was set up within Swiss companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, we offered to give a little of our time and our UX expertise in research, strategy, design and products/services evaluation.

Indeed, it is essential, despite this period when we still advocate social distancing, that User Experience (or more commonly called "UX") is not neglected on our customers projects because it is a fundamental part to reach success and efficiency of a digital tool. As a reminder, UX is linked as well to the ease of use of a service or interface as to the emotional impact felt.

But we know that many companies or organizations are affected by this crisis and that their teams can have their projects impacted at UX level (research, design, tests, ...) for several reasons:

  • delays on certain phases and cancellations of planned initiatives
  • budget cuts
  • resources not available in home-office
  • meetings, workshops or focus groups more difficult to organize
  • etc.

Following the interest that we have seen from several companies and organizations, we decided (for the moment) to maintain our offer!


One hour of UX coaching offered

User-centered design is an approach that systematically places the end user (or customer) voice at the center of thinking.

Our vast experience on several media types (websites, intranets, mobile applications, software, etc.) for all types of sectors (blockchain, insurance, banking, health, e-commerce, international organizations, etc.) will be useful for you to optimize your products and services.

Whether you are in the preliminary reflection phase, in the middle of your project or close to the launch, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can give you ideas for improving your digital service!

During this free hour of advice, we can help you (by phone or video conference) in several ways:

  • by answering your UX questions (including if you have a UX team in place, in order to offer a neutral and independent point of view)
  • by performing a quick UX audit of your interfaces
  • by recommending certain tools or methodologies rather than others, depending on your context and budget
  • by proposing alternative solutions in terms of UX research or evaluation (not involving physical encounters).


Would you like to get a free hour of UX coaching?

Send us an email ( with a brief description of your project and the UX challenges you are facing: this will allow us to know which one of our team member will be able to better advise you, when and by which channel!