Usability of interactive systems

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We cannot speak of ergonomics in the design of products or services without speaking of usability. ISO 9241-11 defines usability as follows:

"This is the degree to which a product can be used, by identified users, to achieve defined goals, effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily, in a specified usage context. "

For example, an ergonomic audit of a service will answer the following questions:


Did the user achieve the goals he had set for himself?

Did he find all the information he was looking for?

Is the information presented clearly?


Has the user achieved his objectives in the best possible conditions?

Is the use easy for both beginners and experts?


Did the user feel pleasure and comfort during his activity?

Is the system attractive enough for potential buyers?

Is the perceived value of the service high enough to build customer loyalty?

The benefits of ergonomics?

An ergonomic approach brings many benefits for organizations and their employees in the short, medium and long term. Here are the main ones:

It Reduces development costs: Taking user needs into account early in the development process avoids late changes that require more work if they are important and, therefore, increasing development costs;

It Reduces maintenance and support costs: The more intuitive a system is, the less user support investment it will require - resulting in significant savings in training or online help and training. offline;

It Increases productivity: Good ergonomics of a company's IT systems (intranet, web applications, software) can increase the productivity of their users. The calculation is simple: For a company of 50 employees, if each employee loses 3 minutes every day to take an action that should take only a second, it is 150 minutes lost per day - about 50 hours per month or 600 hours per year;

It Increases the level of satisfaction of users and customers: A user-centered approach makes it possible to respond systematically to the needs, expectations and desires of the target users. Your employees and customers will be grateful to you for developing a customized IT solution;

It Increases online sales: Our expertise in the user experience in e-commerce makes it possible not only to develop easy-to-use sites, but also to optimize their professionalism and perceived trust. This directly affects the conversion rate of visitors to buyers and customer loyalty over the long term.

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