Alexis Gérôme

Alexis is a French Brazilian UX strategist who has worked, in Europe, Australia, China and Brazil with start-ups, media organisation, luxury companies, and global design agencies.

UX consultant @ TelonoToday these experiences reflect in what he loves doing: create and implement solutions that solves users and business needs, where his diversity and global experience bring a fresh perspective to any new challenge or project he is involved in.

He focuses on creating compelling visions and products roadmaps for our clients and deliver them through workshops that cut through the complexity of large organisations. Last but not least he also actively engage in our research & design process by bringing clarity and simplicity along the way.

Flexibility, empathy, creativity, relentlessness in doing the best work going beyond the status quo are the qualities you will encounter when working with him.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn.


Designing and testing digital services since 2005

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