Telono SA is a European User Experience (UX) consultancy specialising in user-centred design and web accessibility. Telono is based in Geneva Switzerland, a multicultural city due to the influx of employees of the United Nations, NGOs, financial institutions and EMEA headquarters for many multinationals.


Our mission is to help our clients understand and receive business value through User-Centred Design. From product strategy to interaction design and usability testing, Telono is committed to providing expertise, support, and knowledge to our clients’ business goals by optimising all interactions that define their relationships between their customers. We create the customer experiences that enable business success.

Our Expertise

Telono specialises in international user research. We are known for our expertise in multilingual and multicultural user experience projects, be it ethnographic studies, user interface design or usability testing.

We represent Switzerland in the UXalliance, the international network for user experience.

Company Background

Florian Egger founded Telono in 2005, after several years of independent consulting. Telono is a limited company incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland (CH-660-1824005-3 in French).

The name “Telono” was chosen for its three syllables that are easy to spell and pronounce in most languages. In Greek antiquity, whoever wanted to consult the Oracle at Delphi had to pay a tax called “telono”, which allowed them to approach the great altar of Apollo and offer sacrifices.

Telono is co-founder of UXnet Switzerland and is a member of SwissCHI and SwissUPA .



  • UXalliance: The international network for user experience
  • Access for All: Swiss foundation for the promotion of web accessibility