Humans first, since the start


In Ancient Greece, anyone who wanted to consult the Delphic Oracle had to pay a “telono” as an offering, to be able to approach her during the exchange ceremony, which focused on the relationship between men. We chose “Telono” as our name because its three syllables can be easily written and pronounced in most languages.


Telono is a consulting agency specialising in user experience (UX) and design services. Our signature services are:
  • Product and service design consulting
  • Organisational process design consulting
  • UX training
  • Rental of our research centre called "Le Lab"

Our methodology

The double diamond process from the Design Council with its 4 distinct phases — Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver — It's a visual representation of design thinking process.

Define Strategy

Understand why & define how

Execute Solution

Create the outcome

How our work makes a difference

UX will increase your revenue by :

  • Increasing sales
  • Improving technical performance
  • Increasing the exposure of your service options
  • Aligning your products and services to the needs of your customers 
  • Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

UX allows you to reduce operating costs due to :

  • Better collaboration between different service departments  
  • Lower risk of new solutions being rejected by your users 
  • A reduction in change requests during the development stage
  • A reduction in the number of customer service requests
  • Lower need of internal training on new applications

Since 2005 , more than 320 projects realised with our beloved clients

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Born local with global reach

A network of 25 leading independent User Experience (UX) companies, the UXalliance helps global organizations create better international products & services, by providing them with local research, insight and design.

We help you plan, design, execute and coordinate your global research project through one single point of contact. Our partners around the world can conduct high quality research across all five continents and in more than 50 countries worldwide.


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Telono SA is, since 2005, a Geneva-based User Experience (UX) agency focusing on strategy, user research, interface and service design, as well as usability testing. Being the Swiss representative of the UXalliance, Telono also delivers the internationally recognised UX-PM certification program.

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