The story of "Te-lo-no"

In 2005, Florian Egger founds Telono, fresh out of the University of Technology in Eindhoven with a doctorate in Human-Computer Interaction (HMI). Already sensitive to a web accessible to everyone, he chooses a simple name with 3 syllables to ease pronunciation in every language. To the simplicity of the name is added the universal shape of the logo - inspired by the Vitruvian man of Leonardo da Vinci, a symbol of humanity. In a few words, this is the story of Telono.

What we are

01.Altruistic. Understanding and being close

02.Empathic. Listening and observing

03.Creative. Designing together

04.Perfectionist. Continually improving

05.Curious and cultivated. Always learning

How we work

Our user research experts spend time with you, your customers and your products to help you define the best UX strategy

Our designers allow you to collaborate in design sessions in order to imagine the best possible interfaces

Our consultants organise and moderate user tests to validate screens and concepts

Our approaches are numerous and we adapt them to your needs and working methods. We are agile.

We are the swiss partners of the UXalliance

The UXalliance is a global network made up of 25 UX agencies which, since 2005, have been helping organisations implemented around the world to create and bring consistency to their international products and services.

Do you need to challenge your services and products internationally? Or to establish yourself in the Swiss market? Telono becomes your single point of access to a network of partners in more than 50 countries.


Since 2005, more than 350 UX projects done